Here's a short summary of our history...

Garage Loiselle was founded in 1951 by Mr. Conrad Loiselle.

In 1976, Jacques, the son of Conrad, took over management of the business. His wife Adèle, and their son Gilles worked by his side for many years.

It is in 2003 that Gilles and Guylaine Loiselle became owners of the garage. Their two children, Marika and Cédric, currently work for them with a dream of pursuing the family business.

To help stay up to date on current community matters and help support the local economy, Garage Loiselle's a member of the Prescott-Russell Chamber of Commerce. We also have a coop partnership to offer "hands on" learning opportunities to students

"It is with great pleasure that I  provide a testimonial on the services and reliability of Garage Loiselle.  It was in 1989 when I  started utilizing the services of Garage Loiselle and I can honestly say that I have not gone anywhere else since then.  I left the region for 7 years when I moved to Ottawa and even though I was 50 km away, I would always have my vehicles serviced at Garage Loiselle.  I have and will always trust Garage Loiselle for these simple reasons:
  • Family owned and operated business.  The Loiselle family are extremely friendly and loyal to their customers. 
  • They are passionate and genuinely care about their customers.
  • Their honesty and integrity are second to none.
  • Professional technicians that are always up-to-date with the latest technologies.
  • They always take the time to explain the “why" and the “how".
I highly recommend Garage Loiselle for all your service needs. Don’t just take my word, experience it for yourself!"
Jean-Pierre Charron
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